Profit Financial Group knows that accurate and up-to-date bookkeeping is only the first step to the success of your business. We'll replace your back office, saving you time that you can use to focus on running your business or maybe even get your feet up from time to time.

Choose the best bookkeeping plan for your business:


$ 250 /Month
  • QuickBooks online subscriptions do not included
  • Cash-basis only
  • 1-2 bank accounts
  • Up to 90 transactions/month
  • Checks - up to 10/month


$ 350 /Month
  • QuickBooks online subscriptions do not included
  • Cash-basis only
  • 1-4 bank accounts
  • Up to 90-150 transactions/month
  • Checks - up to 25/month


$ 550 /Month
  • QuickBooks online subscriptions do not included
  • Cash-basis only
  • 1-6 bank accounts
  • Up to 150-200 transactions/month
  • Checks - up to 35/month


by Agreement
  • QuickBooks online subscriptions included
  • Cash or Accrual basis
  • 6+ bank accounts
  • Over 200 transactions/month
  • Checks - over 45/month

How it works

Whether you are starting fresh or switching services, getting started is simple. First, we will introduce you to a dedicated bookkeeper. They will get to know your business, show you how Profit FG works, and gather everything they need from you.

We set up a QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop account. By setting up an account we will enter all basic company information into the QuickBooks and create a Chart of Accounts according to the type of your company activity. This is a list of accounts and sub accounts that you use to categorize your income, expenses, assets, liabilities, and owner’s equity amounts.

We will connect your banking, and credit accounts to your QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop accounts. It will help us to send your transaction automatically and give you a complete financial picture that’s always up-to-date.

Monthly your dedicated bookkeeper imports your day-to-day business transactions including purchases, sales, receipts, and payments by an individual person or an organization/corporation. After that the bookkeeper documents each financial transaction, whether cash or credit, into the correct daybook (petty cash book, suppliers ledger, customer ledger, etc.), and the general ledger.

Track business health with monthly reporting. Each month, you will get a detailed report containing your Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet for the prior month. Your monthly reports also will include metrics that matter for your specific industry.